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This website is built on drupal - a content management system extraordinaire. Until the start October 2009 it used to be based on a modded version 4.6, but I upgraded it to the latest release, as part of my 'looking for a job and pimping my assets' project. Now it is just a vanilla Drupal with a custom theme. A variation of the theme I created for the South Wales Linux User Group as currently seen on

the new look theme

It is based around a grid "theory", to enforce some regularity and rhythm. The base for maintaining the vertical rhythm is 12px font/18px line height. The horisontal grid is organised around 6px (0.5em) units and is currently split into 12 columns. This gives enough room to play with in the future. It is a simple two (8/4) column design.

The lines are always a multiple of 18px (1.5em). Since there is a lot of corner cases to contend with and not much time to do it in I've compromised on the relative units and using pixels. For the theme to be submitted it will require readjusting the line-x classes to use ems.

The colours are simple black, red, yellow, blue and gray chosen to be not in your face but with a few spots of brightness. It should be fairly accessible, although it wasn't a goal for this personal website. If I am to submit the theme to, there are a couple of amendments required.

I wanted a simple fresh look, be done in a day and focus on my real priorities. I hope it achieves that. Time will tell.

Check out the html source and the stylesheets for details.

I like the new look. consider

I like the new look. consider this blog successfully pimped :)


would you consider the job?

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